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Most popular wholesale websites of China | Sourcing Lists

China is the pioneer in bringing up the habit of purchasing online, be it retail or wholesale. Wholesale websites in China are extremely popular among both Chinese and non- Chinese customers. Today, we look into some of the popular wholesale websites of China and analyse some pros and cons of them.

China Wholesale websites are popular both in and outside of China not only because of the convenience but also for the ranges of products available on them. Not all China wholesale websites are in English and provide services to international customers. However, in recent years the popularity among international customers surged exponentially.

Before you go through, please note that we have done extensive analysis on the customer experiences on these platform. In addition, we have not included any websites that are in Chinese language (1688 or hc360 for example), although these are extremely popular among Chinese.

Here are top 3 China wholesale website:


Alibaba | China wholesale is one of the leading marketplaces for people to choose products from. Originally founded in China, this conglomerate now has offices all around the globe and quite popular among business owners, mostly SMEs. Yearly sales is soaring and is well above 300 billion dollars a year and much of it is due to the extensive range of products offered on the platform.

Alibaba is also very popular among business owners because of low MOQ compared to other platforms. With the website being available in English, Alibaba website is also easy to navigate and very user friendly.

However, there are several challenges that might make your Alibaba experience bitter. The suppliers often are accused of supplying fake products and much of this involves the name of big brands. If you see Nike, Adidas products at huge discounts on Alibaba, you need to be really fearful.

Another factor negatively affecting is that you cannot customise the products according to your needs most of the times, you have to choose from the limited options the platform has to offer.

Made in China

Made in China is another go to place for online wholesale shopping and is quite popular. They have a strong track record and wide range of products on their platform. The website is in English and this seems to play a major role in people deciding to use the platform. Finding a product is relatively easy on Made in china than other platforms too.

On the other hand, Made in China has got quite a bit of bad reputation and this primarily has to do with some suppliers on their platform. These have been experienced by many USA buyers and they have been talking about these openly on online platforms.

If you see a smartphone at half the price or a branded bag at 1/10th of the usual, do not consider this as a good deal as this might be a trap to steal money from you. Quality of products on Made in China is highly unreliable although the company is trying to make some improvement in the recent years. It will be interesting to see how this is brought about in the coming years.

Dhgate, headquartered in Beijing is another popular website for retail e-commerce as well as B2B. They have strong footprints and receiving a very good amount of international internet traffic to their website. In addition to the fact that they accept a wide variety of payment systems for their international customers and the ease of finding a product, being able to compare the wholesale prices on the same platform have made this website a popular choice.

The number of retailers and the suppliers on their website is also big, but definitely not as big as Alibaba. So customers have a decent choices to choose their products from.

Website navigation is pretty simplistic and comprehensive for even a non-technical personal and this might interest a lot of people as well. You might think this is not a big deal in 21st century, but in reality, this is a big factor particularly for the Chinese websites catering to international markets.

We tried to figure out how the customer experience has been on Dhgate as the platform offers both B2C and B2B. Not to our surprise, some retail customers have got painful experience on this platform and the picture is quite different than others in the sense that the platform tries to protect their customer’s money.

Every unsatisfied customers have to wait 2 months to make a fraud claim and the platform handles these quite well. But in the world of “same day delivery” 2 months and then couple of weeks waiting for getting back the money which you were attempted to be cheated, this is not going to play well. It is simply too much time to get a refund.

A common problem for all the platforms:

One thing prevails across all the platforms is that customers’, both retail and wholesale, complaints of not receiving the products they paid for. There is no apparent stop to this problem.

However, we suggest you to do some homework before you make your purchase. A big red sign is if you see a branded product on sale at 60-90% discount and is not available on any other platforms. Another step is to firstly ask sample products before you place a big order. An authentic supplier or manufacturer is always ready to send you a sample straight to you.

One thing, as a business owner you can’t afford to do is tarnishing your reputation by supplying low quality cheap products to your customers. Our strong recommendation is that you must do an extensive study and investigation on the platform and supplier before making a purchase.

If you want to avoid going through all these and be confident about your suppliers in China, then you may contact us. At Sourcing Lists, we help our clients get authentic products from China without having to worry about the quality and authenticity of their products.

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