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How to Buy Anti-Covid19 Masks From China? Sourcing Lists

From early 2020 to now, the whole world is shaken by a virus known as Novel Corona Virus. While the whole world is desperate to find a cure against COVID-19 infection, it is unfortunately not yet accomplished. Therefore, the only choice we are left with is preventing such infection to happen. One of the most effective and widely used products to do that is face mask which is now of high demand in most countries.

How masks help fight COVID19 infection?

As per CDC website, face mask alone do not provide full protection against COVID19 infection. However, a facemask is an important part of protective equipment against the virus.

It is suggested that the virus is spread by droplet and/or air(CDC and WHO have different opinions on this) and facemask can help you prevent both.

Anyone who comes in close contact with patients of COVID19 must wear masks and discard properly after use. Infected persons should also wear masks as this prevents them spread the virus through sneezing and cough.

However, many people around the world stay healthy and are Corona positive. They may act as carrier and it is therefore wise to wear masks whenever someone is going public.

But remember masks may be short in supply in your country and health personnels should get the priority of getting it first. So please make the proper use of masks and give it to people who need it the most.

What are the types of masks and what are their use?

N95 Masks

N95 Respirator is a specialised facemask designed for health professionals which provides the maximum protection against contagions. Please note that this is mostly

used by health professionals coming in close contacts with COVID patients and therefore not recommended for mass people use.

In addition, it requires special training to wear this mask and also not suitable for people with existing breathing difficulty as wearing the mask may worsen the situation. Therefore, N95 masks are only indicated if you are a trained health professional and you are required to come in close contact with COVID patients.

Surgical facemask

This is an anti-droplet, 3 layered facemask that provides almost same protection as the N95 mask, although airtightness cannot be achieved as compared to N95.  According to WHO, non-infected people do not need to wear any mask at all.

But CDC suggests that COVID could be an airborne infection which is why it is better to wear a mask when you are out in public particularly when you need to visit crowded place like supermarket, pharmacy, grocery shops etc.

While there may be shortage of good facemasks in your country, it is advised that one should buy authentic masks because contaminated masks may do more harm then good.

What are the steps to buy masks?

China produce both N95 and surgical faecmasks in more quantities than any other countries in the world. As there are different factors affecting the quality and efficiency of a mask, we encourage you follow some simple steps to make sure that you are buying the authentic ones only.

Step 1: Do not look for the cheapest deal

Often times these cheap offers will get you masks that do not protect against anything at all. Remember, this can make a difference between life and death.

Step 2: Seek certificates

Like other health products FDA and CE would certify certain standards and your suppliers or manufacturers should be able to show you that.

Step 3: Ask for video proof

Please ask for manufacturing plant’s video and if possible, demonstrate live. This will give you idea how hygiene the manufacturing process is.

Step 4: Look up about the manufacturer

Good manufacturers have got strong track records and they can be found easily online.

Our recommendation:

If you are satisfied after screening all the 4 steps stated above, then only go for a purchase agreement with the factory.

Sourcing Lists is also happy to assist you find the best quality facemasks at competitive price.

To us, this is an opportunity to truly serve people all around the world. We are just a click away.

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